Portrait Salon

Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

Ad Vivum

Giuseppe Lo Schiavo’s portrait (below) was selected for Portrait Salon 2013 (and used on the back cover of our publication) and is from his work ‘Ad Vivum’, a photographic series that translates from Latin as ‘to that which is alive’.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 09.55.35

‘I have imagined this photographic series as a journey with no space-time boundaries , a bridge that links the Flemish painters such as Vermeer, Jan van Eyck, Robert Campin and even Tiziano, Antonello da Messina with digital photography; an amalgamation of the classical aesthetic with a modern medium.’

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‘I wanted to create portraits without explicit time references, chronologically uncertain. In these images, warm and cold colors coexist which are diffused and distributed through the subjects – in a similar manner as in the pictorial portraits – creating sculptures, motionless subjects, smooth and stiff like marble.’

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‘The Latin name ‘ad vivum’ is taken from the engravings that some painters inserted under their paintings in order to specify that the painting was painted live.’

Giuseppe Lo Schiavo was born in Italy and now lives and works in London. He studied Architecture at the University of La Sapienza of Rome and specialized in Architectural 3D Visualization. He has exhibited at The Saatchi Gallery in London, The Aperture Foundation in New York, Museum of Contemporary Art of Acri in Cosenza, Mixer Gallery in Istanbul and in galleries in Rome, Turin and Munich and Miami. He has also presented his work at art fairs such as Contemporary Istanbul, SCOPE Art Miami, The Affordable Art Fair Milan and Paratissima.


Instagram: @giuseppeloschiavo