Portrait Salon

Benjamin Haywood

Uckfield Matters

Benjamin Haywood’s portrait of ‘Karen’ (below) was selected for Portrait Salon 2014 and is from his work ‘Uckfield Matters’, a photographic series about his hometown of Uckfield in East Sussex, England.

uckfieldmatters3 016

‘We’d had dinner and I was in the garden with Karen and her son TK playing with their dog Archie. I took Karen’s portrait there whilst the sun was going down. Karen doesn’t much like having her picture taken.’

uckfieldmatters2 009


‘It is a part of a sweet tale of suburban, middle class Britain centred around the town of Uckfield. A body of work that is ongoing, Uckfield Matters depicts a town that is – all at once – awash with nostalgia and intimacy, introspection and distance. Central to the photographs is a sense of place, memory and belonging. It is a survey of the contemporary suburban landscape.’

Lady with her bag for life

uckfieldmatters2 010

‘Uckfield is my home. I like to photograph there because it is comfortable for me and I know the people there. Part of my work is about understanding what draws a person to photograph something.’

Lashbrooks road, Uckfield


uckfieldmatters4 041

‘I am fascinated by the transformative power of photography and art. I am not very interested in photographing, for want of better words, exciting or beautiful things. I am much more interested in taking completely, undeniably ordinary subject matter and making it exciting and beautiful.’

Uckfieldmatters4 004

‘Uckfield is about contemporary everyday life. It’s about how we live, where we live, who we are.’

uckfieldmatters02 001

Hart Close, Uckfield

Benjamin Haywood received his Batchelor in Photography from the London College of Communication in 2014 and works as a freelance photographer and artist on a range of more and less dignifying projects. ‘Uckfield Matters’ continues to evolve and reshape. Other projects about other subjects are coming up too.



James O Jenkins