Portrait Salon

Adam King

Chip Off The Old Block

Adam King’s portrait of ‘John’ (below) was selected for Portrait Salon 2014 and is from his work ‘Chip Off The Old Block’, a photographic series about father figure influences in his life.





‘This body of work has been an explorative journey into male roles that have featured throughout my life.  Some of these father figures have been an influence across informative years of childhood or have given further guidance into adult life. The project’s origins started with a construction worker I met in the summer of 2013.  Liviu, a Romanian migrant, was working and living in the UK after moving with his family from Spain.  Working alongside Liviu I got an insight into a man that seemed to be the opposite of what some media representations had labelled him or his culture.  The man I was working with was an educated, sensitive, religious and caring man whose main ambition in life was to provide for his family.’

Picture 001


‘My project took a change of direction when it was suggested that I look further into myself than into the subject I was documenting.  The very notion of documenting another’s life, one which could be deemed the life of a minority, and of hot political debate, could have aroused suspicion of my agenda as a photographer, rather than the project’s subject.’

paul 001


‘Recognising what I admired about Liviu I used this as a catalyst to search into my childhood and specifically that of the father’s role throughout those formative years.  Having a far from linear but also, far from abnormal upbringing, I discovered that these fatherly role models were either given to me or chosen by myself.  Even to this day I have surrounded myself with father figures to guide me into my adult life. The photographs in the series are an examination of not only the individuals and their environments, but also my relationship to those individuals when sitting side by side.  The subtleties of body language may indicate the condition of those relationships, however no intentional references were made to highlight importance or significance to either of the subjects.’



‘This series has also been a confirmation of my continuous search for portraits of males.  Discussions of projection into those I seek to photograph will continue to be of importance in my photographic practice.’



Adam King is a British photographer, who graduated from the University of the Creative Arts, Rochester in 2014.  Adam is currently living and working in London and continuing to practice his personal projects. The majority of Adam’s images are a subtle observation of the community around him who inhabit a workplace, social space, or presumed isolation. His interest in masculinity combined with the life he had before photography is often embedded and referenced in his images, however the path his work takes him on is the leading narrative.  Adam’s signature is his portraiture and he is predominantly an analogue photographer, preferring the process and the relationship it can construct between him and his subject.


James O Jenkins